The Noble Circle Project
         a community of women thriving beyond cancer.

                                                                      2022 Heart-to-Heart Campaign


We are committed to building an intimate and caring  community of women thriving beyond cancer. 

We will achieve this goal by providing inspiration, hope, empowerment, and well-being by focusing on nutrition education,  complementary energy techniques, and peer support.


The Noble Circle Project was founded in 2003 by eight Dayton-area women coping with a cancer diagnosis.

These courageous women learned how to navigate the treatment process, support each other, and take charge of their cancer journey. 

They were united in their belief they could use their personal experiences to help other women "thrive beyond cancer."


      We promote well-being by:

      • Sharing experiences with women facing similar health challenges. 

      • Providing access to reliable sources of information they need to make decisions that meet their needs. 

      • Supporting each other by by embracing a healthier lifestyle. 

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      About us

      Noble Circle is a community of women thriving beyond cancer. We provide hope, inspiration, and empowerment
      by focusing on nutritional education, complementary energy techniques, and peer support to help them
      discover new ways to strengthen their 

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      The Noble Circle Project
      2555 S. Dixie Drive, Suite 105
      Dayton, OH 45409
      Phone: 937.674.5566

      support us 

      We are grateful for the generous support of our families friends, and community. Honoring the vision set by our founders, we are able to provide our programs and  services at no cost to women learning to navigate their cancer journey.

      The Noble Circle Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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